Directions to KIST’s North Gate Entrance


Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) 5, Hwarang-ro 14-gil Seongbuk-gu Seoul, 02792 Republic of Korea
02792 서울특별시 성북구 화랑로14길 5 (한국과학기술연구원)

How to reach us using public transportation

By subway Line 6
Sangwolgok (상월곡, 上月谷) station (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Station) → Exit 4 → Korea Institute of Science and Technology (5 minutes on foot)

By bus 1111
Get off the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Station → Korea Institute of Science and Technology (5 minutes on foot)

Credit cards can be used directly on buses and subways. Check with your bank to make sure your card can be used in Korea and about exchange rates.

Travel cards (“Tmoney” cards) can be purchased at most subway stations and from the subway entrance at major airports

Transportation to KIST from Incheon Internationial Airport (The Map of Airport Terminal)

All the flights will arrive to and depart from Incheon international airport, the main airport.

Getting to Seoul from Incheon international airport

Terminal Transfer : Incheon International Airport > Transfer > Transfer Information>
Public Transport : Incheon International Airport > Transportation/Parking > Public Transport>
Bus : Incheon International Airport > Transportation/Parking > Public Transport > Bus > Search Buses>
Metro: Seoul Metro

By Airport Bus (Recommended)

Airport limousine buses leave regularly from the clearly marked stops outside the terminal building to designated stops in Seoul. There are two different routes to get to KIST. The bus fare can be paid either in cash or with a credit card at the bus ticket booths. You can also pay the fare in cash when you get on the bus.

Option 1) Airport Bus No.6100 + Subway Line 6
Route: Ariport Bus No.6100

  • Fare : 18,000 KRW
  • Operation Hours : 05:40 – 22:15
  • Direction to KIST
    ① Take the airport limousine number 6100 to Taereung station and get off the bus here to transfer to subway. Enter Taereung underground subway station. This is Line 6 (Tan-color line) Be careful not to confuse with Line 7 (Green-color line), which also cross at Taereung station.
    ② On Subway Line 6, take the subway going in the Bulgwang station direction.
    ③ Get off the subway at Sangwolgok station, and exit through number 4 exit. Note: The order of subway stations, which you will pass arriving at Sangwolgok, your final destination. (Taereung – Seokgye – Dolgoji – Sangwolgok)
    ④ Walk straight about 100m then turn left. Once you turn left, you will see the KIST main gate about 20m.
Option 2) Airport Bus No.6002 + Taxi
Route: Ariport Bus No.6002

  • Platforms: 5B and 12A
  • Fare: 17,000 KRW
  • Bus stop: Get off at the “Cheongnyangni Station” bus stop.
  • Directions to KIST: From the stop, it is recommended that you take a taxi. The taxi fare will be around 3,000 to 4,000 KRW.
By Airport Railroad + Subway
  • The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) is also convenient because it follows a timetable. It operates between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station, for which travel time is 53 minutes by commuter train and 43 minutes by express train.
  • Fare: 3,700 KRW for commuter trains and 13,300 KRW for express trains
Step 2: Subway (The Subway Line Map) 
From Seoul Station,
  • Buy a ticket to Sangwolgok Station (Subway Line 6 (the Tan color line))
  • Standard tickets can be purchased at the ticketing machines or at the ticket office.
  • Board the train and get off at Dongmyo Station
  • Transfer to Line 6 taking the Bonghwasan Station bound direction and get off at Sangwolgok (KIST) Station
  • Exit the subway station through Exit 4
  • Walk straight about 100 meters and turn left at the small street leading to KIST’s north gate.
By Taxi (Easiest option but expensive)

Taxis are conveniently located just outside the terminal building. The grey or white taxis are standard and somewhat cheaper than the black “deluxe” taxis. The deluxe taxis are a little more comfortable and drivers sometimes speak English, but the standard ones are perfectly adequate for most trips. Both taxi services operate on a metered system, but the passenger will also be responsible for the cost of highway tolls. The cost will vary depending on traffic conditions, but generally runs about 70,000 KRW for standard taxis and 90,000 KRW for black taxis.
For the taxi driver:
(우: 136-791) 서울특별시 성북구 화랑로 14길 5
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