Nov 21, 2023 (TUE)
Time International Cooperation Building
17:00~18:00 Ice Breaker
Nov 22, 2023 (WED)
Time Convention Hall(ICB)
08:30~08:50 Registration
08:50~09:10 Welcome and Announcements
09:10~09:50 [P1]
Plenary (Jull A.J. Timothy)
: The future of radiocarbon dating and other radionuclide studies: new developments in AMS
09:50~10:10 [AC-A-1]
Hong Wan
: The Limit Age of AMS Radiocarbon Age Dating
10:10~10:30 [AC-A-2]
Sakamoto Minoru
: AMS-14C measurement of 670-year-old giant Japanese cedar – 1871-2020 CE
10:30~ 10:50 [AC-A-3]
Nakamura Toshio
: Calibration by Marine13 and Marine20 of 14C ages for marine samples collected from the Mawaki archeological site, Central Japan
10:50~ 11:00 Break
11:00~ 11:20 [AC-E-1]
Niu Zhenchuan
: The anthropogenic and natural influences on the temporal-spatial variations in tree-ring Δ14C at Chinese background sites
11:20~ 11:40 [AC-E-2]
Hua Quan
: Review of Southern Ocean Radiocarbon
11:40~ 12:00 [AC-E-3]
Cha Ji-Yeon
: Radiocarbon isotope analysis of PM2.5 and throughfall: Implications for PM2.5 removal by trees
12:00~ 13:10 Lunch
13:10~13:40 [AC-B-1]
Invited Talk (Lee Howard)
: Experience of 14C-based microtracing studies in humans and future perspectives in South Korea  
13:40~14:00 [AC-B-2]
Song Jinho
: Status of Bio-Medical Dedicated AMS at KRICP 
14:00~14:20 [AC-B-3]
Lee Gwanho
: Verification of therapeutic effect through Accelerator Mass Spectrometry based single cell level quantification of hESC-endothelial cells distributed into an ischemic model
14:20~14:30 Break
14:30~ 14:50 [NT-1]
Zhao Xiaolei
: A direct-AMS assessment of Re-Osin a Cigar Lake uranium ore specimen 
14:50~ 15:10 [NT-2]
Eliades John
: Ion Trapping at High and Low Energy Using Sin and Square Radio Frequency Potentials and the Possibility of Static Potential Ion Guides for Ion Interaction with Gas
15:10~ 15:30 [NT-3]
Park Junghun
: Removal of Li molecule (Li2) interfering 14C measurement using Laser 
15:30~ 15:50 [NT-4]
Synal Hans-Arno
: Progress in Radiocarbon AMS and related Opportunities 
16:00~18:00 KIST Tour
Nov 23, 2023 (THR)
Time Convention Hall(ICB)
08:45~08:50 Announcements
08:50~09:30 [P2-1]
Plenary (Zhou Weijian)
: Application and research progress in Xi’an AMS center
09:30~10:00 [P2-2]
Invited Talk (Fink David)
: Hot Sands, Cold Rocks and Wet Mud – The Many Worlds of 10Be to Probe Changes in Earth’s 
10:00~10:20 [A-Be/U-1]
Matsuzaki Hiroyuki
: Development of 236U-AMS system and its potential application
10:20~10:30 Break
10:30~10:50 [A-Be/U-2]
Awano Masayoshi
: Beryllium-10 variations across the Laschamp excursion recorded in a deep-sea sediment core 
10:50~11:10 [A-Be/U-3]
Xu Bing
: Temperature-forced Runoff Changes in arid areas of Central Asia Inferred From 10Be Exposure 
11:10~11:30 [A-Be/U-4]
Chinmay Dash
: 10Be (meteoric) in the glaciomarine sediments of the Ross Sea: implications for late Quaternary paleoenvironment change
11:30~11:50 [A-Be/U-5]
Seong Youngbae
: Cosmogenic 10Be-26Al isochron burial ages of Lower Colorado River Alluviums: Insights into stratigraphy and river evolution 
11:50~13:00 Lunch
13:00~13:30 [A-Cl/I-1]
Invited Talk (Hou Xiaolin)
: Speciation analysis of 129I in the environment by AMS and its application as an environmental tracer  
13:30~13:50 [A-Cl/I-2]
Fan Yukun
: Climate Control of Iodine Isotopic Composition Evidenced by Holocene Argentine Entisols
13:50~14:10 [A-Cl/I-3]
Burr George S.
: Iodine-129 time series records from coastal Taiwan
14:10~14:30 [A-Cl/I-4]
Zhang Luyuan
: Advances in determination and transport mechanism of Airborne 129I
14:30~14:40 Break
14:40~ 15:10 [A-Cl/I-5]
Invited Talk (SaSa Kamilkazu)
: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry of 36Cl and 129I at the University of Tsukuba: Analytical  
15:10~15:30 [A-Cl/I-6]
Horuchi Kazuho
: Anthropogenic 36Cl from 1950 to 1970 CE in a high-resolution ice core from eastern Dronning 
15:30~15:50 [A-Cl/I-7]
Bautista Ⅵ Angel
: 129I in the SE-Dome ice core, Greenland as an alternative candidate golden spike for the Anthropocene 
15:50~16:00 Break
16:00~16:20 Sponsors
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: Ionplus
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: Panel
17:00~18:00 Posters
18:00 Banquet
Nov 24, 2023 (FRI)
Time Convention Hall(ICB)
09:30~09:40 Announcements
09:40~10:00 [F-1]
Li Hong-Chun
: Progress report of the NTUAMS Lab since EAAMS-8
10:00~10:20 [F-2]
Shen Hongtao
: Present status and application studies with 14C and 3H AMS at Guangxi Normal University
10:20~10:40 [F-3]
Park Sujin
: New AMS facility in National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (NRICH)
10:40~11:30 Next EAAMS
11:30~13:00 Lunch
13:00 Depart for Seoul Excursion
: Gyeongbok Palace